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In 2019, AutoServed co-founders met during the Silicon Valley startup accelerator program, Founder Institute. One of the requirements of the program was to solve a problem using an innovative tech-based solution and to develop this into a working business model.


As General Manager of an auto servicing franchise, our Founder & CEO, discovered the disconnect between car owners and their service providers. When seeking repairs for their vehicles, car owners would jump from one shop to another until they found one that fits their liking or budget, while service providers would find it difficult to retain customers. 

One of the major underlying issues was the lack of genuine communication and trust between the two parties. Saberola proposed a platform that would eliminate the inefficient canvassing that burdened both parties. 


The AutoServed platform, in this regard, makes available and accessible all the necessary information that customers need to make an informed decision regarding their car maintenance through just one interface.

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