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AutoServed: Car Repair and Maintenance Solutions at Your Fingertips Very Soon!

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We know how busy car owners can be. There are a million things to do and not much time to do them. Drive to work, drive the kids to school, drive to meetings, drive to the store, drive to the bank, drive to social gatherings, drive out of town, trying to drive through Metro Manila’s debilitating traffic. So when you encounter a problem with your car, how will you manage? 

Unfortunately, you don’t know your way with cars, so repairing it yourself is not the answer. It can even be counter-productive. Your hectic schedule is overloaded enough just trying to cope with a car-less existence, much less trying to singlehandedly find a suitable auto repair shop that can meet your needs at the most reasonable rates. Who has the time, right?

Yes, it could feel like the end of your world. Everything stops. You feel trapped. You feel helpless. 

But not for long. Soon, all of these will be a bad dream that you can wake up from. Because AutoServed will be here to save the day.

AutoServed is envisioned to be the online platform that will empower car owners like you to access reputable car shops that can relieve you of the burden of your car troubles. By simply visiting the AutoServed website, you can indicate what kind of repair you need, then watch as various partner-suppliers submit their quotations for your requirements. You can then compare proffered services and prices. After you make your well-informed choices, you can schedule your shop visit, fully confident that the rates you settled on will be applied, with no sudden or surprise changes.

AutoServed Car Owner Process

AutoServed seeks to automate automotive servicing, to make it as smooth as possible so that you can focus on what you really need for your car maintenance, as the platform will already take care of it for you.

Among the services that can be accessed and scheduled online through the platform are Predictive Maintenance Schedule (PMS), general repairs, like fixing the door lock, aligning the bumper, suspension repairs, engine overhauling, tire alignment, etc. Through AutoServed, the answer to your car’s maintenance and repair needs will be available at your fingertips. Meantime, it is on-boarding auto shops to the platform, pre-registering car owners, and actively looking for investors.

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