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AutoServed: Set to bridge the gap between car owners and auto service providers

Car owners, you know how this feels. There’s this strange sound emanating from under your car’s hood. Or an incessant clicking coming from one of the rear doors. Then your entire vehicle wobbles and shakes when you hit 80 kph. Right about then, you know your car definitely needs urgent repair or servicing.

But you don’t know any auto shop that can do it well for you, and at the most reasonable rate, without any hidden surprise charges. On top of that, you don’t have the time to canvass for shops that fit the bill.

AutoServed Car Owner Process

Good thing AutoServed can do it for you. Available soon, AutoServed is envisioned to be the online platform that will bridge the gap between what customers understand about their car maintenance requirements and the auto shops’ ability to provide it. It will make the relationship between the car owners and shops as “friction-less” as possible by encouraging transparency of the process.

AutoServed seeks to automate automotive servicing, to make it as smooth as possible so that people can focus on what they really need for their car maintenance, as the platform will already take care of it for them.

AutoServed Shop Owner Process

AutoServed will connect car owners with auto service providers who can address their cars’ problems. Upon accessing the platform, car owners can indicate the concerns about their car. Auto shops will then be able to submit cost estimates for the corresponding repair work. Then the customer can select the preferred shop and book a repair or maintenance schedule. Even at this stage, the customer will already know the complete cost of the service. All he or she needs to do will be to show up at the shop with the car and let the auto technicians do the work. When done, the customer will pay the rate which was previously agreed upon. No additional charges, no shocking surprises.

Among the services that can be accessed and scheduled online through the platform are Predictive Maintenance Schedule (PMS), general repairs, like fixing the door lock, aligning the bumper, suspension repairs, engine overhauling, tire alignment, etc.

Soon, the answer to your car’s maintenance and repair needs will be available at your fingertips. Meantime, AutoServed is on-boarding auto shops to the platform, pre-registering car owners, and actively looking for investors. For more information, contact AutoServed at coo@autoserved.com 0917-896-8199.