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AutoServed: The Future of Automated Automotive Servicing

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These days, time is a luxury few people have the privilege of enjoying. Everything seems to be happening in a rush and there is a never-ending chase to get things done. 

And when it comes to car repair and maintenance, car owners can be hard pressed to find the auto shop that can fit their needs given the limited time that they have. On the other hand, auto shops also find it challenging to secure customers who do not know about them. Often, auto shops simply rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from existing customers. This can be a time-consuming and uncertain process, with potential business likely to be lost.

That is why AutoServed is vital to the robust growth of an auto shop. 

AutoServed is envisioned to be the online platform that will connect car owners with auto service providers who can address their cars’ problems. It seeks to automate automotive servicing, to make it as smooth as possible so that people can focus on what they really need for their car maintenance, as the platform will already take care of it for them.

Once customers use the platform and indicate their cars’ requirements, auto shops will then be able to submit cost estimates for the corresponding repair work. Then, customers can select the preferred shop and book a repair or maintenance schedule. To be part of the AutoServed system, shop owners and service providers should create a profile on the platform. They will also fill-up preset prices for their services. This is so that job estimation will be automated. They will also agree to cover warranty on every repair/jobs booked through the platform.

Once their profiles have been activated, they will receive job estimate requests. They respond to these requests by sending a quotation. When the customer selects their quotation, an appointment will be set and confirmed. On that agreed date, they will service the vehicle and collect payment as agreed/indicated on the platform. They will also keep a repair history for record keeping purposes on the platform, respond to reviews, and offer and honor warranty claims.

Among the services that can be accessed and scheduled online through AutoServed are Predictive Maintenance Schedule (PMS), general repairs, like fixing the door lock, aligning the bumper, suspension repairs, engine overhauling, and tire alignment, etc.

Through AutoServed, the vibrant connection between car owners and auto shops will soon be available online. Meantime, AutoServed is on-boarding auto shops to the platform, pre-registering car owners, and actively looking for investors.

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